Maps of the Law Library

Library maps and locations by floor:

Floor Description Map
First Circulation Desk First Floor Map
  Reference Desk  
  Florida Collection  
  Treatise Collection  
  Core A Collection (part)  
Second Core A Collection (part) Second Floor Map
  Anglo-American Periodicals Map of the Tax Collections
  Tax Collection  
  Microform Collection  
  Government Documents Collection  
  Looseleaf Collection  
Third States Collection (AL-IL) Third Floor Map
  International Collection  
Fourth States Collection (IN-WY) Fourth Floor Map
  Archives **  
  Rare Book Room **  

Library Locations* Alphabetically by Collection

Anglo-American Periodicals 2nd Floor, Buildings D&G
- Treatise 1st Floor, Building G
- Tax 2nd Floor, Building G
- Florida 3rd Floor, Building B
Archives Offsite
Circulation 1st Floor, Building D
Core A 1st & 2nd Floors, Building B
Florida Collection 1st Floor, Building D
Government Documents 2nd Floor, Building D
International Collection 3rd Floor, Buildings B, D & G
Looseleaf 2nd Floor, Building D
Microform 2nd Floor, Building B
Rare Book Offsite
Reference 1st Floor, Building D
Reserve Circulation Desk
Reserve Audiovisual Circulation Desk
States Collection  
- AL-IL 3rd Floor, Building B
- IN-WY 4th Floor, Building B
Tax 2nd Floor, Building D
Tax Looseleaf 2nd Floor, Building D
Treatise 1st Floor, Building D&G

* Please refer to the map of the library for more detail.

** Access to material in the Rare Book & Archives room is only available by permission, during normal business hours with a prior appointment.


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Library Reference: 305-284-3585
Library Circulation: 305-284-3563
Automated Operator: 305-284-2250
Copy Center: 305-284-3272
Computer Help Desk: 305-284-5297


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- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian